Messages from our Dear Clients:

I have two fur kids, twelve year old Westies who are siblings (Zeus and Zoe) and they are utterly and completely loved by my husband and me. 

We were fortunate enough a few years ago to come across Patti and Betty when we engaged their wonderful services to provide our beloved pups with their midday walk in the winter and potty break/treat searches in the summer as they had been placed under ‘house arrest’ for their verbal ness  in the neighborhood.  We knew we had special people in our lives when we witnessed firsthand their off-the-charts, howling excited greeting they give Patti and Betty when they come to ‘visit.’  My fur kids respond completely to the love that emits from both of them and my Zoe, well she will even do her ‘dancing bear’ routine for Miss Patti and my Zeus will tip his head back and howl for them. 

Everything I have in my home can be replaced, except for my beloved pups.  I take their reaction and interaction with those who spend time with them very seriously as I believe our companion animals sense more than we do and are better judge of character by far.  I have utter and complete confidence in Patty and Betty with my fur kids and my home.  They truly care about my pups and they go out of their way to make sure to alert me when one of them is feeling under the weather, scared or to send me a quick video to witness a snippet of their day and/or cute mannerism.  All of these elements are priceless to me! 

These two wonderful, caring, responsible ladies came into our lives to provide our pups with a much needed midday break (be it a walk or treat search in the backyard) and they have become so much more to us, they are loved by both canine and human alike in the Trobec household and we now consider them an extended part of our family.



I wholeheartedly recommend Happy Pets & People.  Patti has been our Pet Sitter for a little over five years and we have come to implicitly trust her to provide outstanding care to our three cats whenever we are away.  Several times our cats have had health issues while we were away.  Patti was excellent at caring for them, giving them their medication and keeping us informed.  She has gone above and beyond in her efforts to make sure they are cared for.  Overall, I believe Patti has given us more that we ever expected in a Pet Sitter.  Anyone reading this is welcomed to contact myself (Phil) or my wife, Kim for details regarding our experiences with Happy Pets & People.  You can contact us via the telephone on 303-932-1099 or via my e-mail at 


If you happen to be looking for a dependable, loving, caring pet-sitter, look no more!  Patti is the very best!  I have a rescued household, which limits the amount of time that I can be away from home.  I recently had a family emergency while my husband was away. I couldn't wait for him to return, and needed help desperately, so I called Patti. You would think that a pet-sitter would be "limited" to the type of care that they will provide, not Patti.  My 12 year old Shepard mix was on chemo-therapy at the time.  His "look" could be very intimidating, and he was very anti-social. Due to his illness, he was in a lot of pain, and it was almost impossible to get him out of his "house". Our garage and his dog house were his haven.  When someone entered the house, he went straight to his house. His pain medicine had to be ground, liquified and shot down the back of his throat with a syringe. He had an open wound in his mouth from a tooth extraction. It wouldn't heal, because of the cancer. He was in a great deal of pain. Patti wasn't about to let our boy suffer. Imagine someone sitting on the floor of a garage, halfway into a doghouse, injecting bitter medicine into the mouth of a dog in severe pain (twice a day). I'm not saying this is typical practice in pet-sitting, but I'm saying that Patti has gone the extra mile for us. She has dealt with our special needs babies for years, mixed special foods for special diets, administered medicine, and most of all, given them unconditional love. We can never repay Patti for all she has done for us. There is no one on the planet that I would rather have caring for my babies! You are such a blessing to us and thank you is not enough!  We love you, Patti!  Bill & Teri Long and "the pack".

"When we first got our little greyhound, Piper, about two years ago, she was coming off the track and into a new home for the first time.  There are a number of challenges that go along with this transition, but we fortunately had Patti to help us through the first 3 months.  While my husband and I worked full time, we needed to crate Piper during the day.  Patti came every day to walk her and reassure her which made all the difference in Piper adjusting to her new home.  Her first meeting with Patti was something to see.  Piper was so timid and yet went right up to Patti without hesitation.  There was an instant connection that only got stronger and more heartwarming with time.

While Piper is no longer crated and now has a big brother, Chase, also a greyhound, Patti still comes to walk them both from time to time to help us out on long days.  We have had many pet sitters over the years, but no one is as reliable, skilled, and wonderful as Patti.  She takes the time to do leave notes for us with every visit to let us know how everything went and even makes cards for us with pictures of our dogs on them!  I do not know what we would do without her.  There is a reason that our dogs to a "happy dance" whenever she walks in the door.  They adore her - as do we all!" 

Susan Martel


If you are in the market for a pet sitter, I have an awesome one that I can recommend!
Patti came to me by chance and I have to say it has been wonderful for many reasons.  The #1 reason, of course, is the dogs.  They love her (and her son Lucas).  I have been home when she's come by to walk them and have gotten home as she was bringing them back.  I can tell by the way they behave around her that she takes good care of them.  When I mention "Aunty Patti" and Lucas they get very excited.
Patti always lets me know how they did on their walk and if she notices anything unusual about their behavior (or anything else such as the oil leak in the garage!). Since I work full time, it's nice knowing someone else is keeping an eye them!  And with Casey’s sensitive system, it's helpful to know how he is doing and to not be surprised!  One time she actually cleaned his crate because he had been sick, and then let me know so I wouldn’t be surprised!
Another benefit is her flexibility.  My schedule often changes, sometimes at the last minute.  Patti has always been very accommodating, willing to come as my schedule requires.  She is also very dependable.  She has always come, regardless of the weather.  And you know how unpredictable the weather is in Colorado!
I've also had her come by when I'm out of town.  She gets the mail, checks the house, waters the plants and when I had cats she took great care of them too!   Patti is the best!  
Lora Hodson