Pet Services

Following a complimentary visit to get acquainted and to discuss your pets habits and routines, we establish how HPP can fit into your life and provide you & your pets with the service you need.
HPP provides pet-sitting services for clients who are going out of town.  This can include 2, 3 or 4 visits during the day as close to your preferred times as possible. These daily stops can include feeding, a walk or exercise & play at home, the client's choice. Your pets will be fed as close to their regular meal time as possible. If you desire, stool pickup or litter box clean-up is provided at no extra charge.  We also offer overnight pet sitting in your own home, from 8pm - 8am.  Also included while a client is out of town, newspaper pickup, plant care, trash disposal, lighting adjustments, bringing in any deliveries left outside.
Cats in Particular! Cats can be an entirely different issue altogether than caring for a dog. Some are very friendly, others are aloof, still others need to be found under the bed on every visit. We show respect to every feline, and try to determine what will make them feel most comfortable while you are gone. 
HPP provides ongoing, daily walks for people who have full-time jobs, and/or crate-trained pets who need to be let out or walked daily on a regular schedule. Walks are provided in the area around your own home, where your dog is comfortable, and never with another, unfamiliar dog.  

Colorado Communities We Serve

We work in Golden, Morrison, Arvada, Lakewood, Littleton and some surrounding areas.  I'm a Colorado native and am comfortable with our crazy weather patterns, especially in the Winter! Other services we offer to pet parents would be transportation to the vet, doggie daycare, or on a socialization tour to other dogs homes. This is like a dog park on wheels!  We have a number of clients to encourage us to bring new dogs to their homes to socialize and play with their dogs and it works like magic!! 

My co-worker Jim and I are both highly qualified to dispense medications to dogs & cats in whatever fashion you instruct us to do so.  We go over all that information on our first complimentary visit, and I have a medical release form on which we list the times and meds that were given.

​Unique qualifications-

•My own dog was diabetic, so I've had almost 6 years of experience in giving sub-cutaneous insulin shots. 

•Our unique ability to sense when your pet has an issue.

•The network we have built to handle questions & emergencies. 
•We are a member of Pet Sitters International. 
•We are Bonded & Insured.