We offer many pet sitting services, daily pet-sitting and overnight sitting while clients are away from home.  Taking care of dogs during the long workdays is one of our specialties.  We offer walking, fetching, playing and potty time to dogs whose owners are away working.  We text and maintain contact with our clients so they have peace of mind.

We treat our client's pets and their homes with the respect, common-sense and TLC that we'd value in their place.  
Reliability & your pet's health & safety are our priorities.  Please see Description of Services for our Covid-19 Response

‚ÄčHappy Pets LLC
In-home Pet-sitting, Dog-walking, Overnights 
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My name is Patti Ibbotson.  I've almost always had pets in my life, and the times I didn't were pretty lonely.  Some years ago, I worked with a Lab Rescue group and then went on to help establish another Lab Rescue group when that one folded.  My interest in the pet-sitting business began because of my own need to find a qualified, trustworthy person to take care of my dogs when my family took a vacation.  I've never felt comfortable with the whole kennel, or even daycare, idea.  I'd rather have my pets taken care of on their own turf.  

My career as a professional pet-sitter began in November, 2004.  I worked for another pet-sitter for 2 1/2 years before deciding to start my own business, and add the people assistance portion.  This is a very personal service, whenever a person is allowed into a home to care for a pet, or help with project, it is a matter of trust.  It is always my policy to leave a home in the same shape, or better, than when I entered it. 

This year brings an exciting change to my business, a change in location and the return to a sole proprietorship! I will continue to offer excellent pet care in walking dogs during the week, taking care of pets whose parents are traveling, whether it is daytime or overnight sitting. I have some assistants working with me to help me with transportation & to back me up as well and I have a co-worker who had his own pet-sitting business for over 20 years! So my business is more rounded and has a lot to offer.

We always leave a detailed note describing our visit, any observations made, or funny stories to be told.  Another policy we have is to treat others the way we'd want to be treated ourselves and to treat their pets like we'd treat our own. 

Thank you for your interest in Happy Pets LLC!  

Patti Ibbotson

Clifford Ibbotson

1/18/02 - 8/6/11  

He was my third Labrador, and one of the reasons why I love what I do so very much! Let me share some of Cliffy's story with you. He was diagnosed as diabetic at almost 4 years of age, and needed 2 insulin shots every day.

In 2007, I noticed he had started to run into things on our walks, or fall off curbs. I became his "seeing eye person", showing him the way through his feet.
He had cataracts removed and lenses put into his eyes in June of 2007, and was reborn!! Typical Lab, he got lots of lumps and bumps as he grew older, but one was hard and solid.  It grew very quickly, and started to cause my Cliffy lots of pain, way too much pain.

Clifford taught me to use my instincts and sense of observation to become a better pet owner, and a better pet-sitter.

My work is dedicated to my dear doggie.